About me

I am currently working at the Centre of Migration Research as a head of the Socio-Economic Research Unit. I am also a project partner in the "Embodying Climate Change. Transcdisciplinary Research on Urban Overheating". Previously I worked in the project "The impact of wealth formation by economic migrants on their mobility and integration: Polish migrants in countries of the European Community and Australia", where we studied how owning certain assets e.g. real estate influences Poles' mobility.

I graduated from the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw (IS UW), in 2008 I defended MA dissertation on properties of income inequality measures. In 2010 I obtained BA at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw. I graduated from the doctoral program at the Institute of Sociology (now the Faculty of Sociology), University of Warsaw, where in 2016 I defended my doctoral thesis entitled “Income inequality measures and individual evaluations of income inequality”. 

My main research interests include: 


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